Air Quality

January 2023 - April 2024

Developing an interactive air quality forecasting analysis system to assess the population exposure.

Adaptation Modelling Framework for Flood Risk Management

November 2023 - April 2025

Developing an adaptation modelling framework supporting the EU Adaptation Strategy goals and enabling easier access to advanced hazard and impact models for decision-makers.

Wildfires Evolution

September 2022 - April 2026

Providing a refined view of wildfire risks in a changing climate.

Onshore & Offshore Wind Energy Information

September 2022 - April 2026

Providing information on key global indicators relevant to the wind farm industry at various temporal and spatial scales.

Simulating the Future of Extreme Events

September 2022 - April 2026

Developing a catalogue of simulated extreme events with information from the high-resolution Climate DT data stream.

Changes in the Water Cycle

September 2022 - April 2024

Providing global estimates of river runoff and freshwater availability to support climate adaptation measures.

More Resilient City Planning

September 2022 - April 2024

Providing a heat stress index to allow urban planners to have a better understanding of the best adaptation practices against extreme temperatures in urban environments.

Heat map

Adaptation Modelling Framework for Heat Stress Exposure 

November 2023 - April 2025

TECNALIA* research organisation uses Destination Earth’s Climate Adaptation digital twin (Climate DT) to develop an interactive tool supporting decision-makers in the assessment of different adaptation.

Disaster Risk Mitigation & Climate Adaptation

February 2023 - October 2024

This DestinE Use Case provides an opportunity to obtain higher-resolution meteorological forecasts and climate projections contributing towards keeping people safe from flooding, now and for the future. 


February 2023 - April 2024

The Harvester Seasons service for forestry, a web based service, developed by Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI, provided a Destination Earth Use Case with new high-resolution maps for forest trafficability over Europe.

Urban Heat Island Effect

February 2023 - October 2024

This use case provides high-resolution urban heat maps for cities across Europe to underpin and motivate urban climate adaptation measures that are being developed.

Energy Systems

January 2023 - October 2024

To make power system resilient to meteorological events happening on short time scales and climate change, this use case intends to improve energy system modelling for grid planning and resources adequacy assessment.