Opportunities to be involved

The challenges for weather prediction, climate and computing sciences, can only be achieved through a comprehensive international cooperation and co-design approach. Therefore, the project is open to a wide range of collaboration opportunities through tenders and partnerships with leading scientific and technological organisations, Member States’ meteorological services and operational services.


If you are interested in joining the ECMWF DestinE team, please visit the jobs page on the main ECMWF website, where all open positions are advertised.



ECMWF is opening invitations for tenders to develop the digital twins. Relevant companies and institutions are invited to submit their applications and join this science and technology adventure.

We seek partnerships in the fields of climate prediction modelling, high-resolution forecasting, graphic rendering or supercomputing infrastructures, among others.


Current Invitations to Tender  

Information about past Invitation to Tenders is available here.

View our Glossary page for a list of definitions, abbreviations and acronyms.

DestinE Community

The initiative actively involves users and community members in the co-design, development and use of Destination Earth. By joining the DestinE Community, members will receive regular newsletters, summarising the latest progress and updates on the initiative, as well as information on upcoming events, procurement opportunities and much more.