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This Agreement aims at delivering the digital twin on climate change adaptation, constituting an enhanced simulation system, informed by observations and based on a new generation of Earth system models. This capability will produce a new generation of multi-decadal climate projections to support the understanding of the impacts of climate change on society, and contribute to defining targeted adaptation strategies in support of the green transition and the implementation of the European Green Deal. The work will demonstrate the co-design, with selected use cases showing societal adaptation and mitigation options for dealing with the impacts of climate change. The work will connect with ECMWF’s technological developments on the digital twin engine as required, to interface with the DestinE platform components such as the data lake and the core service platform.

Find out more: Finland’s CSC leads international partnership to deliver Destination Earth’s Climate Change Adaptation Digital Twin (


The prime contractor to implement the Climate Adaptation Digital Twin is CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.


Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research

National Research Council – Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate
National Meteorological Service of Germany
Catholic University of Louvain
University of Helsinki
Hewlett Packard Enterprise France
Barcelona Supercomputing Centre

German Climate Computing Centre

Finnish Meteorological Institute
Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research

Polytechnic University of Turin